Andy Scott


Andy Scott - Co-Owner

Pick three words to describe yourself.

Compassionate • Driven • Content

Favorite Quote

"In God we Trust"

What is one thing you need every day to keep you going?

My wife, Lisa.

Andy’s interest in computers began in high school with a 25" retro TV and 5.25 floppy disk. Now that's gaming!!

Andy attended the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point for a business degree in Natural Resources with the end goal of opening his own lawn care and landscaping business. Two years into schooling, and a "D" in the easiest computer course on campus, the path and direction for his future was set. A Computer Degree! Andy remembers vividly the quote of his guidance counselor, with a cocked head and eye brows furrowed he said, "You know, (pause for a breath), you almost failed the easiest course in that degree." Andy graduated with a major in Computer Information Systems with a minor in business management.

Today, Andy's passion is to help businesses and our employees grow and flourish. Our customers have goals and we make sure Virtual Vision is the right choice to meet those goals. Our employees well being both professionally and personally are derived partially from Virtual Vision so the right work culture is imperative. Creating the right team to provide the right solutions to the right customers, now that's a recipe for success.

Ultimately, Andy supports customers and employees by fostering a synergetic, idea-sharing/idea implementing environment driven by a team who are smart, energetic, competitive, loyal, fun, innovative, compassionate, and friendly.

Successful Solutions + Happy Employees + Motivational Environment + Good Customers = Life, Well Balanced.