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Our clients have come from all different business niches, and some have worked with other SEO marketing agencies before. Why land with us? We focus on excellent customer service and creating a marketing plan for your specific situation and business. We don't have a "cookie cutter" strategy, we maximize growth tactics just for your company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most sought-after restoration leads are those involving insurance claims, which typically include referral partnerships. "New-To-You" leads are the prize, and local businesses need to compete at the same level as the big franchises in the marketplace. We understand that, and we focus on getting your company in as many places as possible with the right messaging to level the playing field.

When a property owner is standing in a foot of water, they don't take a lot of time to shop around. You'll have mere seconds to drive the "click to call." We make sure that your unique value propositions are front and center. What's your response time to an emergency call? Do you handle the insurance claim for the homeowner? Are you a trusted, well-regarded local company with a solid reputation? Do you have advanced certifications? Virtual Vision will ask you a lot of questions to uncover what actually makes someone call you instead of the other companies in your area and include that as part of your overall brand message.

We get it. Mitigation jobs have by far the best ROI for restoration companies. We have a number of marketing strategies that work for different budget levels with mitigation leads as the goal. We go after "Water" in a multi-pronged approach to capture as much of the traffic as we can.

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Ben J.

JRCC has been through quite a few companies that all say that they can get the results we need for SEO and PPC. They all came woefully short. I was referred to Virtual Vision by another contractor and have been very happy ever since. It has become one of our top lead sources.


Ken B.

Searching for an SEO to drive opportunity to your phone? Give these guys a chance!! Have changed my business and most importantly have changed my financial life!! Customer Service on point!! Take your business to the next level!!


Brad F.

I have been very pleased with our decision to work with Virtual Vision. They have done what they said they would do and we are seeing the results. Their entire team is easy to work with.

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Get a free quote today for your company's SEO marketing strategy with our help.