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Should You Hire an On-Staff Marketing Director?

Should You Hire an On-Staff Marketing Director?

Posted by: Nichol
Posted on: Saturday April 15, 2017 at 12:49 PM

Should You Hire an On-Staff Marketing Director?

As the trend moves toward companies hiring their own marketers to be on staff full-time, you might wonder how this change will affect your budget and marketing success.

We believe that ultimate success can be reached when your in-house marketer collaborates with the team at your digital agency.

Advantages of an in-house marketer:

1.Inside knowledge – you know your industry and product better than anyone.

2.Scheduling – quick turnarounds are easier when face-to-face.

3.Social response- having someone to respond immediately to positive and negative comments on social media is important.

Advantages of an agency:

1.Refined processes through repetition for faster turnaround.

2.Distance from the burn out and stresses that can happen within your company.

3.Lack of tunnel vision- looking from the outside in gives us the ability to know what your customer needs, instead of what the company wants.

4.Knows the trends: thousands of hours of testing concepts and channels for success.

5.Reduced costs by saving the following expenses:

a)salary for on-staff marketer


c)software licenses

d)continued training

e)hiring additional copywriters and designers

You can have the best of both worlds.  Hire an on-staff marketer for inside knowledge and project management, and team up with an agency for wide skill set, experience, and refined processes.

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