Tuesday 12 December 2017

Tuesday Tip - Giving Back Is Win-Win for Your Business and Community

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Tuesday Tip

Giving Back Is Win-Win for Your Business and Community.  Christmas is the time of year for people and businesses to give back to their communities.  We hope that you will give back year-round.  Giving truly is a win-win when done in the true spirit of giving.  How does giving benefit your company?

  1. It builds trust in your company. 
  2. It unites people. 
  3. It boosts morale in the company. 
  4. It lowers your turn-over rate. 

For the poor donation box

Giving back isn’t all about money.  I’ve included ideas below for both monetary and non-monetary contribution ideas. 

  • Create a referral program where employees can earn a vacation day or prize for volunteering and donating. 

  • Get the business involved in local events such as a booth at the fair, sponsoring events

  • Loan out your space or equipment.  It costs nothing to loan some space to an organization that needs a place to hold a meeting or event, and it gets new people in your doors

  • Educate or advise those in need.  You are the expert at what you do.  There are people out there who need it who simply can’t pay for it or don’t know where to get it.

  • Spend a day volunteering.  Establish a day when the whole company goes to lend their expertise where it is needed or volunteer as a group.

  • Give donations or create a grant as a company. 

Where can you and your company be of help to your community?

-Nichol Low - Inside Account Manager

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