Tuesday 28 November 2017

Tuesday Tip - What Social Media Sites Will Work Best For Your Business?

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Tuesday Tip

Last time I told you about possible changes you might see due to Facebook’s Explore Feed.  So this time I’m going to concentrate on what you can use in addition to Facebook to reach your potential customers.  I’m talking organics here.  I’m not going to mention paid ads of any kind, which you can do on pretty much every platform here. 

Terms to know here are B2B, meaning Business to Business.  If you are a vendor to other businesses, this is you.  B2C is Business to Consumer.  If you are directly serving or selling to the end user, this is you.  You can be both.

First things first, if you still aren’t using social media, there are lots of reasons you should, including:

  1. Increase word of mouth referrals
  2. Branding, it gets your name out there
  3. You show up higher/more often in search results
  4. It makes your content sharable
  5. It’s a customer service tool
  6. Show your involvement in community and your trade
  7. It portrays your employee satisfaction

Most importantly, customers will respond to your actions if you keep your content customer-based.  Put your agenda aside and give useful information, answer questions, and offer the benefits they will get by buying from you.

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Which sites should you use?  Now, don’t give up on Facebook.  It may still be the best platform for lots of businesses, especially for B2C.

  • B2B – LinkedIn – you want to be here to network with other businesses and people in your industry.  It is a very professional atmosphere.  It is also good for finding qualified employees.  Google Plus - Organize your contacts into interest groups and use the Google Hangouts and Google Drive features to collaborate with them.  YouTube – product demonstrations and review videos

  • B2C – Facebook and Twitter – these are great customer service tools, there is the sharing ability and the possibility of content going viral.  Content on Twitter will go out to all of your followers.  If you are selling to the 20’s crowd, use Instagram, You Tube, and Snapchat too.

  • Brick and Mortar – Location based businesses will benefit from Yelp and Foursquare.  Also use Facebook and Twitter for discounts, promotions, and events.  Continue to use them for everyday branding and add Instagram and Pinterest for showcasing your products and services.

What now?

Consider who your customers are and where you can make an impact with social media.  Create a social media calendar that will help you stay on track for what topic to post to each site and when.  Click here to learn about our tool that will send your blogs to all of your social media sites in 1 step!

-Nichol Low

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