Tuesday 14 November 2017

Tuesday Tip - What You Need to Know About Facebook's New Explore Feed

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Tuesday Tip

There are big changes affecting your influence in Facebook.  Here's what you need to know.  

Businesses who use Facebook to stay in touch with their customers are noticing a large decrease in organic (unpaid) viewing and engagement from their followers due to Facebook’s new Explore Feed.

Welcome to Explore Feed

                                           Image courtesy: Facebook

Here is what we know about the new feed:

  • It doesn't contain ads.  It shows posts and pages that you haven’t visited yet, but matches your interests from past activity.

  • Your business posts probably won't show up organically. The Explore Feed is a separate feed where your posts will show up now, unless you pay for them.  The new feed is somewhat hidden and not likely to be seen regularly by most users. 


  • Your followers should still see your posts in their regular News Feed. People who choose to follow your business might still see your posts, but as before, expect it to be shown to less than 10% of your fans.  In some countries it is being tested with followed posts going to the Explore Feed instead of the News Feed, so it is still possible for us to see that happen here.

What Now?

Take a look at your Facebook post performance up until now.  Consider adding new platforms to reach your audience.  For ideas, be sure to read my next Tuesday Tip.

-Nichol Low - Inside Account Manager

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