Monday 17 October 2016

Virtual Vision Marketing Tips

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Holiday Marketing Tips

Start planning early.

Launch your campaigns by mid-October.

Refresh your ads.

Change the image and message 1-2 times a month.

Use social media.

Put up a great ad and call-to-action that goes to your website.

Use videos to show your product.

Videos generate more sales than text and photo ads.

Think like a customer.

Be where they go online, show them what they want to see.

Personalize your ads.

Create different ads for the different kinds of customers you have.
Use dynamic creative to target customers depending on what page of the site or product they were looking for.

Use local ads and listings.

For brick and mortar stores, target those in your city to come in and shop.

Use holiday images and art

This shows your holiday spirit and helps to create excitement.
Avoid Christmas bias by not focusing on only one religious tradition

Offer discounts.

You will gain a lot of customers with discounts who will not buy without one.

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