Gary Reissmann

Senior Business Development Manager

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Gary Reissmann - Senior Business Development Manager

Favorite Business Quotes:

"Successful People ask "Who" not "How"..Tom Ferry

 "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it"...Simon Sinek

My passion:

My Family.  Wife Erica, daughter Gerica, and son Jager.  

Business Development has been Gary's other passion since 1997 when at 19 years old, he and his wife leased a restaurant and started a business together. From there, he has owned multiple retail, and online businesses, and helped many sales and marketing professionals develop their business marketing skills. 

In 2010, Gary joined Virtual Vision, and within 3 years, added over 100 new clients to the portfolio. In 2013, Gary became the Senior Business Development Manager. His efforts are now focused on helping business owners accomplish their goals though Digital Marketing.