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Localpages Local Marketing

Voice Search in Directory Marketing with Reviews Dashboard

Get your business listed across +50 directories

Keep your business verified and updated on 50+ business directories including Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, Mapquest, Foursquare, 411, Citysearch, White Pages, YellowPageCity.com, Dexknows, Superpages & more. Great for businesses that want to show up in Voice activated searches from iPhone and Androids. This service allows you to post your restaurant menus, coupons and specials.

 Be seen in +50 directories

 Push information to these directories

 Guaranteed presence in local directory searches

 Localpages corrects inconsistent information across all directories

 Easily correct errors across all directories with a simple interface

 Use extra photos and special offers within your listing

 Brand your name, products and services

 Control how your business is represented

 Build engagement with customers

 Build credibility with customers

 Track what's working for your directory listings

 Customer feedback is easy to monitor and manage

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How does your business look across local directories? Are you being seen the way you want? Are you where you want to be? Use our Free Scan tool to find out how you're being represented.
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Purchasing: What you can expect.

 An Account Manager will call to review your purchase.

 Expect a call within 24 hours of normal business hours.

 Your purchase will be assigned to a Setup Specialist.

 Following a quick review your setup will begin.

 Includes training to learn how to make updates.

 More information is detailed in the sections below.

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+50 Directories
Guaranteed presence in local directory searches.
Localpages provides guaranteed presence in these directories and optimizes your business listing for general search results.
Localpages Local Marketing
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Listing Mangagement
Keep your business information accurate across leading online local directories.
Localpages corrects inconsistent information and missed marketing opportunities across all listed directories. This makes it easy to correct errors and push new information out to these directories so your content is always up-to-date.
Superior listing
Use extra photos, special offers, and more details to build engagement with customers.
With Virtual Vision Localpages, businesses can add extra photos, special offers, and more details. Detailed business information results in extended time visiting your website, builds customer engagement, builds customer credibility and helps customers learn about your products and services.
Listing Performance
Track what's working.
Track performance with analytics from one location. Impressions, clicks, and results are available to help determine what is working best to reach marketing and sales goals.
Feedback Management (Reputation Managment)
Customer feedback is easy to monitor and manage.
Monitor customer feedback in one place. Business owners can easily keep track of ratings and reviews, allowing you to prioritize what you want to respond to first.
Localpages helps you see more ROI
Advertising and marketing for your business has evolved. That’s why Virtual Vision is here. We'll help your business be seen in +50 local directories. With listing management, superior listing, performance tracking and feedback review management for your online presence across the most popular local directories. Here is what you can expect:
  •  Listing Management in +50 Directories
  •  Superior Listings with extra photos and offers
  •  Build engagement with customers
  •  Track whats working to drive sales goals
  •  Monitor Customer Feedback
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Can someone who doesn't use Virtual Vision for web hosting use Virtual Vision Localpages?
Yes, this service is available to any business - even those without a website.
In which directories will my business be listed?
A list of directories currently included in Virtual Vision Localpages can be viewed by performing a free scan of your business listing. Additionally, current Virtual Vision Localpages customers can see all included directories with their Localpages control panel.
How long does it take to publish my listings?
Timelines vary, but many sites will be updated within a few hours.
Can I make changes or add timely offers?
Yes. The ability to quickly update or change your listing means that you can include coupons or other time-sensitive special offers.
What if I have an event at my store; can I include that in listings for just 30 days?
Yes. Special events are a great addition to your business details. With many sites publishing updates within a few hours, you can quickly create notices for your special events.
What kind of tracking data can I expect?
Impressions, clicks, and views are available to help determine what is working best to help drive marketing and sales goals. You can see the results by separate directories or in aggregate.
Will I have to go to multiple places to track the performance across the multiple directories?
You can track performance with comprehensive analytics from one convenient location.
What happens to my directory listings if I cancel Virtual Vision Localpages?
Cancellation of Virtual Vision Localpages will result in removal of all new directory listings and listings updates created when you purchased Virtual Vision Localpages. If you previously had a basic listing on any of the target directories, your listing should revert to the original basic listing.
  •   The team at Virtual Vision really listened to me and eagerly engaged in the project. They were very easy to work with and very responsive. I feel like we were a team and I value their expertise.

    Karen Katz, Marketing Director
    EO Johnson Business Technologies

  •   They were very patient and methodically took us through our training sessions.Virtual Vision delivered results as promised.

    David Jerrett, COO
    Bay Towel Inc.

  •   Thank you so much for all of your help and support! I truly appreciate everyone on your team!!!!

    Samantha Stark
    Opportunity Development Centers

  •   I was so frustrated with the confusion of internet marketing in general. Virtual Vision took the time to explain it and show me the benefits of working with Virtual Vision to optimize my online presence. Everything they told me could be done, is now happening for us! Thanks Virtual Vision!

    Amy Schutte
    BRB Autobody

  •   We really appreciate all that you guys have been able to provide for us (and then some).

    Lisa McIntyre
    Chippewa River Forest Management, LLC

  •   From start to finish and beyond, their professionalism and technical expertise carried the project. Their willingness to assist us to get the best bang for our buck was impressive. They are truly customer service oriented and not just bottom line sales oriented. I highly recommend Virtual Vision for any business looking to expand the internet presence.

    Craig Brooks
    Northern Lites Snowshoes

About Virtual Vision
  •  We are a digital marketing company built on relationships and driven by results.
  •  We don’t believe in overcharging our clients for services they don’t need.
  •  We will work with you to find the right strategy for your business.