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Virtual Vision recently launched a new website for Heil Harvest

Heil Harvest wanted to make managing their ecommerce easier. Virtual Vision built a new online store specifically with this in mind. The new store has easy shipping and payment management capabilities and has a very easy store front customization features. Not only does this store make it easy to manage (more)
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Using Analytics to find Your Customers

Let’s dig in to find out just who your customers are. You will need to be logged into your Google Analytics account to see this. Then click on Audience > Demographics > Overview. There you will see a breakdown of age and gender of your site visitors. Next skip down to (more)
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Virtual Vision recently launched a Facebook Marketing Campaign for Meyer Buildings

We recently set up a new Facebook Website Clicks Campaign for Meyer Buildings to increase their Facebook to Website conversions and also expand and reach a larger audience with their building services. We have implemented multiple styles of ads, including the newest version: Canvas. Canvas helps you shorten the distance between (more)

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Tuesday Tip - Interpreting Your Analytics Overview

It’s really not that difficult, but today I’m going to do a quick breakdown of the terms used on the Google Analytics overview that we send to our clients each week. If you log in to your account though, you will find this under Audience > Overview in the left menu. You will see a (more)

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Virtual Vision recently launched a new website for Rib Mountain Taphouse

At the Rib Mountain Taphouse, our mission is to celebrate the wonder and variety of craft beer. We scour the breweries to bring you the best IPAs, Pilsners, Lagers, Sours and Stouts available. With 41 beers on tap we constantly rotate our inventory to bring you new flavors each week. (more)
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Virtual Vision recently launched a new website for Midwest Computer Recylers

Midwest Computer Recyclers provides a recycling path for computer and office electronics, industrial and medical electronics, and consumer electronics. The first step in any recycling program is reuse. Midwest Computer Recyclers work to find outlets where equipment can be reused whole or for repair parts. This includes donating equipment to charitable (more)
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